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Anaadi Center for Yoga

Anaadi Center for Yoga

Philosophy, Practice and Research

The Yogasutra of Patanjali define Yoga as "Chitta Vritti Nirodaha" (cesssation of all mental modifications). The Sanskrit word Yoga is derived from the root word "Yuj" meaning to join or to yoke. Yoga may be looked at as a path leading to the union of the limited identity with the expansive consciousness. At a simpler level, it can looked at as the union of the body and mind where each works in harmony with the other. In modern times, Yoga has been reduced to physical postures and breathing practices. However, a deeper study of Yogic texts reveal that the path of Yoga spans over multiple dimensions including personal and social discpline, physical, emotional and cognitive health and a deeper spiritual quest to break free of limitations.
Anaadi Foundation's Center for Yoga focuses on the philosophy, practice and research on yoga. The center aims at bringing a modern understaning of yogic practices while preserving its traditional roots.
Anaadi Foundation is now an associate center of Indian Yoga Association. (IYA)

Upcoming Programs

~ June 15 onwards: 10-months Yoga Darshana Fellowship

~ Monthly Free Mouna Sadhana

~ Yogic Cognition: MOOC Styled Self-Study Course Register

Jan 2021: 108 Days Residential Program

Past Programs

Feb 3-9: Yogic Neuroscience

Dec 22 Onwards: Online Yoga Sessions: 12 Hrs, Weekly thrice

Nov 9-13: Panchakosha Yoga Abhyasa (2.5 hrs each day)

Oct 17 onwards: 32 hrs Panchakosha Yoga

Sep 7 onwards: 20 Hrs Soukya Yoga Practical Sessions

Aug 3 onwards: 30 Hrs Practical Yoga

Aug 3-8: Yogic Cognition



The activities of the center including the various programs offered draw insights from Yogic philosophy. The Yogasutra of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Vasishtha and other Yogic texts guide the practice and research at the center. The programs are also designed to go deeper, introspect and inquire into the philosophical basis of life. Yogic philosophy is also applied to various areas including sustainability, well-being, business and management and education.


Yogic practices based on classical texts are integrated into various program offerings. This includes the Ashtanga Yoga system of Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Dharana and Dhyana. Practices are designed based on age and capabilities of the sadhakas. People involved with the center and those who wish to engage deeper undertake Mouna Sadhana which is a period of guided silence. In the future, the center proposes to offer yoga therapy to common ailments.


With several nations adopting Yoga as a path to build immunity and resilience, research into the scientific aspects of these practices is also gaining momentum. The center collaborates with various institutions and conducts research and studies on the benefits of Yogic practices for physical, emotional and cognitive health. The exploration involves the study of Yogic practices in the light of neuroscience, cognitive sciences, epigenetics and immunity.



Blogs and Publications

Yogic Today Blog

Courses, Workshops and Conferences

~ Online course on Shaping Well-being through Yoga
~ Co-offered course on Yogic Neuroscience at IITD in 2018
~ Co-organized 5-Day workshop on Mind, Meditation and Human Values at IITD in 2019

Anaadi Foundation

Iyvar Malai, Near Palani
Tamil Nadu, 624621