c Yoga Darshana Fellowship

Yoga Darshana Fellowship

Philosophy, Practice and Science of Yoga

June 15 Onwards

Contact: mail@anaadi.org

About the Program

Globally there is a huge movement towards the science and practice of well-being and the focus has turned inner development. COVID-19 has furthered this inward movement as more and more people are placing physical, emotional and cognitive well-being above all other pursuits of life. In this context, India has a lot to offer the world with the rich expertise we have in Yoga Darshana. While in the modern context there is focus on Yoga as a set of postures and breathing practices, a lot is to be done to go deeper and discover the core aspects of Yoga that include insights from the Yogasutra, Vyasabhashya, core practices and exploration of intersections of Yogic sciences and modern day neuroscience, cognitive sciences and medicine. The Yoga Darshana fellowship, a 10 month residential program, is a unique opportunity to explore the various dimensions of Yoga.


~ Systematic exposure to Yogic practices
~ Guided Swadhyaya of Yogic texts including Yogasutra of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Vyasa Bhashya
~ Daily Yogic routine including practices and diet
~ Exposure to satvik ashram way of life
~ Opportunity for 21 days of Sadhana in the Himalayas
~ Guidance on research in Yoga, Cognition and Neuroscience

Proposed Outcomes

~ Developing overall knowledge of Yogic texts
~ Exposure to advanced Yogic practices: Asana, Pranayama, select Shat Karma, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana
~ Imbibing Yogic pedagogy
~ Enhancing physcial, emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being
~ Ability to design experiments and conduct research in Yoga
~ Exposure to higher education options in the field of Yoga and Science research
~ Exploring possibilities of integrating with Anaadi Foundation


This is a residential fellowship at Anaadi Foundation, near Palani, Tamil Nadu. Fellowship participants will be provided common lodging and vegetarian food. Boarding and Lodging costs for 10 months worth Rs.80,000 will be waived off for fellows. Fellows may plan to arrive at Anaadi Foundation on June 15 and the fellowship will be until April 2022. There will be periodic pre-discussed breaks for one to take care of personal work and travel.


~ Age group: 22-50 years ~ Interest in the Yogic way of life
~ Interest in Yoga practice and research
~ Good writing and communication skills
~ Undegraduate degree in any discipline
~ Graduates of Gurukulams are encouraged to apply

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