Anaadi Rural Youth Skill Education : ARYSE


Focus Areas

~Technology: CS & Electronics
~Interpersonal Skills
~Inner Development
~Shakti Initiative: Women Empowement


When: Weekends
Where: Anaadi Foundation, Ivar Malai, Near Palani
Duration: 40 Hrs course
Batch Size: 20

The Program


Participants will undergo rigorous training in various technologies depending on their background. To start with, youth from Engineering colleges near Palani will get hands-on exposure to CS and Electronics fundamentals.

Professional Skills

ARYSE will also focus on overall development of youth including communicative ability, documentation, internet usage, project management and other professional skills.

Inner Development

ARYSE will also be a platform for rural youth to get exposed to yogic practices and value-based education that will help them to bloom as socially responsible individuals with great inner clarity and vision for the future.