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Anaadi Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives (ATRI)

Focusing on Holistic Health and Well-Being

ATRI, focusing on holistic health and well-being, is envisioned to create a thriving ecosystem for integrative and trans-disciplinary research, blending indigenous and modern knowledge systems, focusing on innovation in research methods, exploring solutions to research problems that are socially relevant and most importantly creative knowledge dissemination methods for making such high-end sciences available for common-man, bridging the gap between the intelligentsia and grass roots reality, so that both can inform each other making research themes relevant, coherent and practically beneficial. The long-term vision is also to create scientific frameworks that can acknowledge and cite traditional Indian wisdom.

- Building rigor and quality research outcomes in the area of trans-disciplinary research directed towards synthesis of Indic sciences such as Yoga, Siddha, Ayurveda, Astronomy etc., with modern systems like neuroscience, epigenetics, pharmacology, evolutionary biology etc.,
- Inspire young minds to understand the richness of Indian knowledge systems, contribute to its development and propagate the rich knowledge to the world for collective betterment of global community
- Steer towards practical problem solving drawing insights from Indic knowledge systems through research outcomes addressing social and economic challenges
- Explore and implement appropriate technology interventions in different Indic sciences fields aiming at increased degree of utility and popularity.



Focus Areas

~ Yogic Neuroscience
~ Ayurveda-Epigentics-Microbiomics
~ Ayurvedic Nutrition
~ Yoga routines for holistic health

Reports and Concept Notes

Current Research Fields

Yogic Neuroscience

Recent research in neuroscience is hinting at the possibility of enhanced capabilities of the brain and solving illnesses like Alzhemeir’s disease or Attention deficit through interventions like Yogic practices. At Anaadi Foundation, we are actively exploring the impact of Yogic practices from a neuro-cognitive perspective. Sh Adinarayanan has co-taught a course on Yogic-Neuroscience in IIT-Delhi.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) ranks India at a low 100 out of 119 countries. Looking at the twin problem of zero hunger and nutrition from an alt lens such as that of ayurveda offers robust frameworks accomodative of diverse nutritonal needs of our country. In this regard we conduct free ayurvedic medical camps to work towards ensuring quality affordable healthcare that is preventive and holistic, where we teach effective food and lifestyle choices from angle of disease prevention to communities. Naivedyam - a yoga breakfast program conducted to kick start PoshanMaah in nearby government schools serving millet kanji to tackle malnutrition. Two concept notes on the need for intervention of Ayush Ministry in National level Poshan Abhiyaan and Tech interventions for information dissemination to community health officers in both Ayushman Bharat and Poshan Abhiyaan has been submitted to Ayush Ministry by Smt Varalakshmi.

Epigenetics & Microbiomics

Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Although our epigenetic marks are more stable during adulthood, they are still thought to be dynamic and modifiable by lifestyle choices and environmental influence. It is becoming more apparent that epigenetic effects occur not just in the womb, but over the full course of a human life span, and that epigenetic changes could be reversed. We are exploring the possibility of looking at epigenetic changes that can be brought through yogic practices and ayurvedic way of life. We co-offered a course on Inner Development through Yoga and Ayurveda at IIT-Delhi focussing on student wellness touching upon aspects of stress, anxiety.

Current Research Themes
1. Assessment of cognitive abilities after undergoing the Common Yoga Protocol developed by the government of India
2. Enablement of Value-process through specific yoga routines a qualitative study
3. Meta-Analysis of the effect of yoga in neuroscience in therapeutic lines
4. Meta-Analysis of assessment of change in structural and functional aspects of the brain through fMRI study after undergoing different yoga routines.
5. In the field of Ayurveda we are also working on enhancing the diagnostics procedure using technology. This project is currently in the data-collection stage.
6. Free Ayurveda Medical camp that is inclusive of spreading awareness about holistic health through appropriate food and lifestyle choices, Free doctor consultation and issuing free medicines. Prospective data collection for health care analytics of rural demographics.
7. Collaborative work with AYUSH ministry and All India Institute of Ayurveda on Policy inputs for Poshan Abhiyan and Ayushman Bharat regarding technology interventions for AYUSH information dissemination across field functionaries at primary health care level.

Smt Varalakshmi

Director (Health & Well-being Initiatives)

She is the Director and Indic Health Systems Researcher at Anaadi Foundation. A former Software and Healthcare Systems Engineer, Varalakshmi is currently researching into Indic health systems and working towards bettering their reach at a policy level. She networks with various Indic health care practitioners and policy experts to create integrated health and nutrition policies.

Dr Venkatapathy

Technology Architect

With a PhD from Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy, Venkat is a great science communication enthusiast and an all-round intellect. He is the CTO of EduSeva Technologies, a social enterprise to enhance the quality of education. He priorly worked with Amrita E-Learning Research Labs and Cognizant. With his research expertise he is striving to integrate technology with Indic Knowledge Systems to improve their accessibility and acceptaance for the modern scientific community.

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