Tulsidas: The great Rama Bhakta: Part 2 In our previous post, we had narrated how Tulsidasa had immense love for his wife and his wife's words became instrumental in transforming him and developing deep bhakti for Shri Rama.

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In our previous post, we had narrated how Tulsidas had immense love for his wife and his wife’s words became instrumental in transforming him and developing deep bhakti for Shri Rama.

Tulsidas continuously chanted the name of Shri Rama and performed his daily ablutions in the forest. Every single day for twelve years he poured the left over water under a particular tree. One day a terrifying figure emerged near the tree. The figure mentioned that he is a demon and since Tulsidas had been offering him water for so many years, he could ask for a boon. Tulsidas thinks “I have been wishing for Shri Rama but this ghost has come. I wanted a cow, but a pig appeared. I put sugar around the plant but a bitter gourd appeared. I performed my austerities for God but a ghost has come”. He however told the demon that he wished to meet Shri Rama. The demon explained invoking Shri Rama would be devastating for him but he could check with Maruti. When Tulsidas asked who Maruti was, the demon explained that he can identified by the staff in his hands and a cap on his head. He is an old brahmana wearing a dhoti.

Tulsidas was doing his morning parayana near the river and a person matching the description of Maruti appeared. Tulsidas fell at his feet. Pleased with him, Maruti asked Tulsidas to make a wish. When Tulsidas revealed his deep desire to have the darshan of Shri Ram, Maruti was extremely happy. He went to Shri Rama and told him about Tulsidas, the avatar of Valmiki and his desire. Shri Rama was pleased and immediately walked infront of Tulsidas’ house with band of monkeys. Tulsidas did not recongnise Rama and missed the opportunity. When Maurti appeared again, Tulsidas lamented that he did not get the darshan of Rama. Maruti asked if Tulsidas hadn’t noticed the band of people walk. Maruti remarked “A cow came to your house, you thought it was a goat. You saw a touchstone, but threw it away like a pebble. A wise parrot came, you thought it was a dove.” Maruti recounted all the occasions when Tulsidas had missed getting the darshan of Shri Rama.

Tulsidas was in tears and with great humility told Maruti that a layman like him can recognize only if the Lord appeared as himself and not in disguise. Just as a layman calls it a bracelet and not gold, he would not be able to recognize Shri Rama in disguise. Maruti smiled and promised the darshan of Shri Rama. That day, Shri Rama appeared to Tulsidas in a beautiful crown and yellow garment. He disappeared after giving darshan to Tulsidas.

On another occasion, when thieves were trying to steal from Tulsidas’ ashram, they saw to figures with bow and arrow protecting the entrance. They dropped the booty back and rushed to seek pardon. The thieves were completely transformed having got the darshan of Rama and Lakshmana.