Govar Gaana

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File:Drying cow dung.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The voices of our ancients echo through space and time 

Only to an alert mind do they resonate and chime 

Holding solutions to problems small and mighty 

Carefully encased in layers of simplicity 

You, Govar they said are a boon 

We now understand, after studying your microbiome

Bet it Agriculture, Construction, Health or Energy

Above milk, you are central to sustainability


Healthy soils to healthy plants – you hold the key

Ensuring long-term food and nutrition security

For the simple farmer, you are available locally and cheap

Saving him from all the debts that otherwise run so deep 

Fertilizers, Pesticides and all kinds of formulations 

With you can be prepared for all agricultural applications

Fermented, burnt or powdered in varying concentrations 

A multitude of recipes are found across civilizations 

For even if our soils were to degrade to dust

You hold the power to raise it back to life from that rust


We create living spaces with breathing walls

By rolling you into mud mixed balls 

The rustic and simple houses of cob

Rammed earth, Adobe, wattle and daub 

Kneaded with mud, lime and grass

You keep us warm and cool with your thermal mass

Ancients created structures for grain storing

And you safeguarded them from pests attacking

They smeared you on the ground for flooring 

Your fibers bound and prevented cracking


Coal, oil and many a kind of fossil fuel 

Which on Mother Earth is so cruel 

For long enough have we relied

It is now time to make a bold stride

Let’s reroute from plundering into Earth’s crust

By harnessing, your latent power to combust

Fuelled by all the anaerobes

And nourishing all the microbes

To produce energy that is renewable and green 

Its time to invest in your power that is so clean

To fuel cars, bikes and automobiles – why not go local?

And focus on making govar-based energy affordable?

Biogas to replace fuming firewood 

Or desi products for enhancing rural livelihoods 


It is time to make sustainability a reality

By enabling rural self-reliance and prosperity