Siddhar Charithiram : Agasthiyar Maha Rishi Agasthya Munivar is hailed as the first of Siddhas. It is such a blessing that we delve into Siddha Agasthya Muni’s charithiram. Many references to Siddha Agasthya Muni can be found in the Puranas where it is extolled that Maharshi Agastya and Maharshi Vashishta are born from Mitra and Varuna

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This is an ongoing series on the Siddhar Paramabarai of India. Siddha refers to perfected masters who have achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment. We look at various Siddhas who have graced upon this earth with their Presence – their life and the wisdom they shared in the form of poems, couplets that are referred to as Siddhar Padalgal. To begin with, we are looking at Siddhas from the tradition of “Pathinen Siddhargal“. In the previous issues, we saw about Kudhambai Siddhar, Pambatti Siddhar, Idaikkaattu Siddhar, Sattaimuni Siddhar, Sundaraanandar Siddhar, Karuvoorar Siddhar, Goraknatha Siddhar, Matsyendranatha Siddhar, Ramadevar Siddhar, Dhanvantari Siddhar, Patanjali Siddhar, Siddha Thirumoolar, Siddha Konganar, Siddha Vanmikar, Kamalamuni Siddhar and Siddha Boganathar. In the Guru Poornima special edition of series we were blessed to also write about the great Siddha Avvai.We also saw how the Siddhargal poetry is presented in Sandhya Bhasha. In this article, we will see the glory of Siddhar Agasthiyar.

Agasthya Siddhar

Maha Rishi Agasthya Munivar is hailed as the first of Siddhas. It is such a blessing that we delve into Siddha Agasthya Muni’s charithiram. Many references to Siddha Agasthya Muni can be found in the Puranas where it is extolled that Maharshi Agastya and Maharshi Vashishta are born from Mitra and Varuna, allured by Apsara Urvashi. The seeds having been put in a pot, Sage Agasthya Muni was born out a pot and was known as Kumbhamuni.

Agasthya Muni is also revered as one of the Sapta-Rishis. Many stories from the puranas capture the astounding siddhis of Agasthya Muni. Once when the Asuras hid themselves in the oceans and the Devas requested Agasthya Muni’s help and the great Siddha drank the oceans completely. In another episode from the puranas, Lord Shiva asks Agasthya Muni to head south and balance the world as the north was filled with everyone coming to witness the marriage of Shiva Peruman and Devi Parvati. It so happens that this phenomenal marriage occurs during a Panguni Uttram, the very astronomical event that marks the release day of this edition too!

Agasthya Muni also appears in the Ithihasas Ramayana and Mahabharatha. In Ramayana, Lord Rama describes Agasthya Muni as the great who made the Vindhya Mountains bow down. In the Mahabharatha, Agasthya Muni’s phenomenal prowess are described in the Vana Parva. You could listen to the entire narration by Shriman Adinarayanan, Founder of Anaadi Foundation at

Siddha Agasthya Muni was carrying a water-pot, Kamandala, in which he was carrying Maa Ganga’s waters for his everyday Shiva Pooja. It was Lord Ganesha’s leela that He takes the form of a crow and knocks the Kamandala leading to the birth of Maa Kaveri in the south. Travelling south, Agasthya Muni reached Podhigai Hills and established the glorious Siddha tradition in the south and led the first Tamil Sangam. Skanda Guru Kavacham hails “அகத்தியருக்குத் தந்து ஆட்கொண்டாய் தமிழகத்தை”. The great Tamil tradition owes it all to Siddha Agathya Muni, for it is his blessings that the devout Tamil life is such a fertile fountain of Shiva Kudumbam’s Grace! Siddha Agasthya Muni has initiated the glorious Siddha tradition and blessed us with great medical sciences, material sciences, martial arts, yoga, language and many more gifts.

In this edition, we shall see a few gems from the mystical works blessed by Agasthya Siddhar. In this very first verse of Bhrama Jnanam, Siddha Agasthya Muni reveals the yogic vision of Shakthi and Shiva!


முக்கோண வீட்டிதழின் முனையைப்பற்றிப்
பாலமெனு மயிர்ப்பாலந் தன்னைத் தாண்டிப்
பார்க்கையிலே தீபவொளி ஞானச் சோதி
நீலமணி யானகுரு நாதரூபம்
நேர்சுழியிற் கண்டறிந்து கொள்ளு வாய்நீ
வாலையுரு வடிவான ஆத்தாள் தன்னை
மயேந்திரகிரிச் சார்புதனிற் கண்டேன் பாரே

Established in Muladhara
Holding the tip of the triangular house petals
Having crossed over the hair strand of a bridge
Experiencing the effulgent inner light
The form of Supreme Guru whose radiance is like a blue gem
Have the experience of ner-suzhi
Cosmic Mother presenting Herself as Kundalini
In the vicinity of Mahendra mountain, I saw!


In the coming verse, Siddha Agasthya Muni establishes the glory of the Siddha tradition and the nature and work of Pathinen Siddhargal.


இருப்பார்கள் அவர்மகிமை யென்னசொல்வேன்
ஏகபர வெளிதனிலே சூட்சா மாகிச்
சிரிப்பார்கள் பிரபஞ்ச மாயை நீக்கித்
தேஜோம யானந்த மூர்த்தி யாகி
விரிப்பார்கள் சாத்திரத்தில் நூல்கள்தோறும்
விபரமது கண்டுரைப்பார் மேல்மூ லத்தோர்
தரிப்பதுதான் காயசித்தி விண்ணிற் கூடித்
தானிருப்பார் பதினெட்டுச் சித்தர் தானே

How do I extol the greatness of those who eternally live?
Having become very subtle and roaming in the matchless para-veli
They will laugh away being disentangled from the delusive world-order
Having attained the form of tejomayananda
They would elaborate their experiences through scriptural writings
Melmulattor will reveal all essential details
What they have attained is kaya-siddhi
The eighteen siddhas stand celestially existing forever


In this golden verse from Samadhi Suttiram, Siddha Agasthya Muni reveals about the pranava-deha that the greatest of Siddhas attain to!


போமே நரைதிரை புகழ்பட நோயறும்
தாமே தேகந் தளிர்நிற மொத்திடும்
தேமே தேகந் திகழும் பதினாறாய்
ஓமே வாசியென் றுள்ளிட நிற்குமே

Grey hair, wrinkled skin, all diseases shall vanish in the glorious state
The body complexion will be like a glowing tender leaf
The body will ever be in youthful sixteen
The prana as aum will become the inner body


In this select verse from Thirumandira Vilakkam, Agasthya Muni reveals the indescribable potent of the pancakshara-mantra and the variations!

பார்த்திடவே தற்புருஷம் இருபத் தஞ்சு
பாடுகிறேன் நமசிவய அகோர மாகும்
சேர்த்திடவே ஜெபிக்கவுச்சா டனம தாகும்
சிவமான சவுமியத்தை செபிக்க கேளு
கார்த்திடவே நங்சிவய நமவென் றாலோ
காதலித்த புத்திரரைக் கொடுக்குங் காணும்
எர்திடவே அங்சிவய நமவென்றாக் கால்
இயல்பாகத் தேகநோய் தீருங் காணே

On revelation, tatpurusha is associated with twenty five variations of mantra
I reveal here the secrets of variations of pancakshara associated with aghora
On repetition one could accomplish the state of seperation
On repeating pancakshara one attains great and auspicious states
If one repeats nang-sivaya-nama
It would grant the birth of the the eagerly awaited
If ham-sivaya-namah is repeated,
All bodily diseases are dispelled


The elixirs offered by Siddha Agasthiyar are so many. We invite you to contemplate more on these lines and share with us your insights. We also invite you to share with us lines from Siddhar Padalgal that have deeply touched you. You could write to us at