Yuva Spot: Finding One’s Passion How do we identify what are cut out for?

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There is always this question among the youth, especially students: How do I find my true passion?. From my experience I can say that it evolves. Initially, a certain interest might rub off on you with someone you have interacted with. If you interact with a hundred people, there will be hundred different kinds of rub offs, especially if you interact with interesting people. Friends you interact with in regular day to day life are different, I am not talking about them, but if you interact with interesting people – and the more number of interesting people you interact with, the more the rub-off is. The you will start feeling “Hey, this is for me, this is for me, this is for me.” But, if you pursue that rub off to some extent, you will feel “This is not for me.” And then you come to a point. So it is a trial and error method, by rubbing off with sufficient interesting people. Say if you are a small town person – it so happened with me, I was from Thuthukodi,  I came to a big town, and then I saw that the number of interesting people exponentially grew! Then everything becomes interesting! Initially everything is interesting, and after some time you come to your own normal. And your normal increases, because you have shifted from a smaller town to a bigger town. And that is called exposure. Your exposure grows and then you find your own normal. You should not decide upon your passion before that – if you decide upon your passion, what will happen is it will break. Then you will feel disappointed “Oh no! I thought that was my passion!” Actually nothing happens. It is a process of growth. When things break, growth happens. But what is the problem today? Say for example, we are deciding upon the purchase of a bike or a car. We evaluate many different options, don’t we? Till the point where you decide to buy a bike, you would not even have noticed that a Yamaha bike is different from a Honda bike – you would not even have noticed this differentiation. You would just have classed everything as “bike”, but after you decide to have your own bike, you will start noticing,”Oh, mileage, maintenance, this that..” and the greater the number of people you interact with, the more varied the inputs you receive! Everyone will recommend what is best in their opinion. For example, when people prepare for GRE with the aim of going to study in the US, deciding upon a list of universities seems extremely complex, because everyone recommends their own! And that is not wrong, that’s the thrill right? That is the process of growth or expansion of thought process. Till that point, all those details would not have been visible to you. It is only after that point that the details start becoming visible to you. So, it is because you think that every step is a decision point that this process seems so complex. One opinion you hear and you decide,”Ah! This is the best.” The very next person who you interact with will say,” That is no use. This is the best.” And that’s it! Your mind goes for a toss! Many people think this is confusion. It is not confusion, it is a very valid process of expansion of thought process, expansion of your mental space. The same thing happens with your passion, it expands your mental space and if you have done it sufficiently well, kept up with it, you will finally come to a point where you feel, “Okay, this bike suits my purpose, and suits me.” You will be all the wiser for having gone through the process. But at every point in time if you have made a decision, you would have gone through a miserable experience – it would not have been just a process, it would have been a miserable experience. You would feel confused and agitated, because you would have turned every step of the process into a decision point, and you would would have gotten a knock on the head at every step! Otherwise it is just a process, a natural process, at the end of which, you come to a reasonable judgement, and you will be happy with it. The same thing applies to your passion. Trying many things is not wrong at all. It’s a process of experimentation before you arrive at what is best for you.