Agni Kriya Initiation 20 Nov

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Anaadi Foundation is happy to offer Agni Kriya Initiation for all dedicated Sadhakas who wish to go deeper in their spiritual path and practice it on a regular basis.

Date: 20th Nov, 2022  (arrive at ashram before 6.00 pm 19 Nov)

Venue: Anaadi Foundation, Iyvar Malai, Palani, Tamil Nadu

Eligibility: Every sincere seeker who is 16+ years of age.

Agni is a great purifier. It removes impurities of the body and is a great tool for transformation. Since Vedic times, Agni has been centric and core to purifying processes like Yajna, Havan and Agnihotram have been.

Agni Kriya, a process that is followed daily at Anaadi Foundation ashram, has been immensely beneficial for ashramites. People have reported experiencing lightness of the body and mind over a period of time with regular practice. Agni Kriya removes toxins in the body, negativity of the mind and purifies the environment.

In ancient times, such processes were also means to communicate with divine forces for fruition of one’s desires and wishes that are guided by Dharma.

Since Agni is extremely powerful, the Agni Kriya process is designed to be simple and gentle leading to a harmonious feeling upon completion.