Pournami Girivalam and Pooja Services

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Purnima Girivalam / Parikrama and Ashta-dik linga Puja

On every Purnima we do Giri Parikrama around Iyvar Malai by carrying Babaji’s Pallak with bhajans and insights about life. This month Parikrama happens on January 6, 2023 – Friday, starting from ashram at 8 am. Around the parikrama path, we have consecrated ashta-dik lingas. Worshipping each lingas gives specific benefits. Those interested can come forward in participating in Special Archana for Ashta-dik Linga.

Upcoming Pournami: January, 6 – Friday

Agni Kriya Services

We offer Mahamrityunjay Mantra Japa and Agni Kriya services at the ashram for those who needs it. This can be availed for oneself or one’s beloved people on special occasions like star birthday, wedding anniversary, etc or for general loka sangraha 

Register for the services: anaadi.org/services