Weekend Course: Padartha Vijnana Online Course

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Padartha Vijnana is the science which deals with the various categories and classifications of this reality. For anyone interested in knowing various IKS terms and worldview, Padartha Vijnana provides very useful insights. Though this is normally studied by a student of Ayurveda, the insights from this course will be useful for any IKS enthusiast.
Register at anaadi.org/pv  
Course starts on Saturday, June 18 and will be going on for 6 weekends (Sat and Sun) from 7.00-8.15 PM IST
Age Group: 18 + years
Course Topics
~ Shad Darshana
~ Classification of various things in this universe
~ Panchabhuta
~ Kala, Dik, Atma, Manas
~ Guna and Karma: 24 Qualities
~ Abhava: types of absence
~ Sources of Knowledge
~ Indriya and Learning
~ Cause-Effect Relationship
~ Creation and Dissolution
~ Concept of Moksha
Course Fee:
Rs. 1200 including live lectures and resource materials.  USD 30 for international participants.