Sustainability Yatra

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Yatra starts on 26th Jan, 2023 – Reporting at Anaadi Foundation

Yatra ends on 29th Jan, 2023 – Closing at Coimbatore

Travel Details
Arrival at Anaadi Foundation: Jan 26, 10.00 am.
Closing at Coimbatore: Jan 29, 5.00 pm

Fee : Rs. 6,000 per person

Sustainability Yatra is primarily designed to understand holistic sustainable living, lifestyle and livelihoods. 

Well-being, sustainability , culture and heritage becomes key focus area in the yatra. Yatris will be exposed to various places which has adapted sustainable living models in various domains like education, health and well-being and agriculture etc. 

Yatris will also gain an opportunity to understand the philosophical and spiritual aspects of Sustainability in the immersive ashram space at Anaadi Foundation under the guidance of Sh. Adinarayanan and Smt. Smrithi Adinarayanan.