Children's Leadership Awakening Program

Children are filled with energy and enthusiasm. This energy and enthusiasm when put to the right use can transform the lives of the individual, the society and nation at large. Adopting the right values and worldviews can help them bring about this transformation. What they need are tools that help them act with dynamic and vibrant energy that is rooted in inner strength and self-confidence. The Indian tradition through its epics, stories and lives of exemplaries show us the way to carve a grand vision for oneself.

This children-centric camp, with an Indic approach, will provide children with the physical, mental and emotional tools to awaken their leadership potential. The vision that children set for themselves at this right age, will flow as beneficial actions in the future. This camp will enable children to imbibe the qualities that make for a true leader and a successful individual: compassion, vision for the larger good, a sense of ownership, self-reliance, energetic action, decision-making with clarity, inspirational stewardship and self-poise..

Program Content

  • Exploring Leadership Principles
  • Value-Based Stories from Indian Epics
  • Approaching societal Challenges and Solutions
  • Leadership Role-Plays
  • Inspirational Video Screenings
  • Nature walk, Star-gazing and Virtual planetarium
  • Yoga asanas, Breathing practices and Enhancing concentration
  • Games and Competitions

In the course of 2-3 days, children will identify a societal challenge, ideate as a group and evolve solutions based on Indian principles and learnings from the camp. Children will also get opportunities for role-play and practice leadership facets as part of the group activities

Ideal for

  • School Students of Class 7,9,10,11 & 12

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