Corporate Programs

Yoga Programs

Corporate life is rewarding and challenging at the same time. As we grow up the ladder, our roles become more demanding physcially and mentally. Travel, meetings and deadlines put a lot of pressure on the system and health becomes a great cause of concern for many. Simple yogic practices combined with meditation can help to maintain vibrance and vitality. Anaadi's corporate yoga programs are tailor made for people who spend a large portion of the day sitting at their office desk or senior managers who constantly travel.

Leadership and Success

Success in life is very important to all and in all the endeavours that we take up. With our success we impact the success of our organisation that we work in, immediate community, nation and the world at large. Success in career involves taking up more responsibilities and that involves challenges at a personal and organisational level.

This program is mainly focused towards understanding the principles of success, tools for being happily successful and being successful through full involvement in whatever we do. With better understanding and insights we would become better equipped to face the challenges of life and be "happily successful". The program content is a blend of discussions, activities and yogic practices. Indian principles of Leadership and Success will be drawn from the Mahabharata.