Acharya Devo Bhava

Gurukulam Teaching Fellowship

Acharyas (teachers) are revered in the Indian tradition. They occupy the highest position and role in the society. While parents take care of the children upto a certain age, the educational system is what grooms their multi-dimensional personality and acharyas are core to this educational process. The current educational system is not holistic enough to provide children and teachers with diversity of expertise and experience. While the current curriculam content is intellect centeric, it is not value-oriented (unless the school takes special effort).
In this context, Gurukulams - centers of learning under an acharya, play an important role. In a Gurukulam, learning becomes personalized, children can learn by observing, teachers constantly work towards perfection through practice and spiritual growth and strength are the primary focus.
Many young people are interested in impacting the teaching and learning process, but need guidance and an appropriate environemnt. They take up internships in existing schools but some of these young people are also keen on spiritual development of oneself and the children that they work with.
The Acharya Devo Bhava fellowship is an opportunity to be a sacred space, gain insights into Indian knowledge systems that transform one physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually and imbibe the agurukulam way of learning and teaching. The 6 months fellowship will provide the opportunity to learn different aspects of Bharatiya Shastra, samskaras, experiment with various global and Indian pedagogical approaches, design elements of the Gurukulam curriculum and enhance one's own spiritual well-being through yoga, seva and Ghana before embarking on a journey in the educational ecosystem.

Proposed Outcomes
~ Exposure to ashram and Gurukulam Satvik environment conducive to learning and Sadhana
~ Imbibing Gurukulam pedagogy, curriculum and instructional design
~ Experience with designing a holistic educational process
~ Developing modules that can be integrated with regular schooling post fellowship
~ Developing the vision and skill to offer modular Indian Knwoledge content as after school programs, home schooling content, teacher training modules, school club activity, online workshops etc


~ Passionate about Indian Knowledge systems
~ Passionate about learning and teaching
~ Current teachers, home schooling parents, young professionals and educators are welcome
~ Age: 22 yrs +
~ Any undergraduate degree or Equivalent
~ non-degree Gurukulam trained young people are welcome


This is a residential fellowship at Dharma Gurukulam, Anaadi Foundation, near Palani, Tamil Nadu. Fellowship participants will be provided common lodging and vegetarian food. Boarding and Lodging for 6 months worth Rs. 25,000 will be waived off for fellowship participants. Participants may plan to arrive at Dharma Gurukulam on June 15 and stay until Dec 15. There will be periodic pre-discussed breaks for one to take care of personal work and travel. These breaks may also be utilized for a better understanding of the Gurukulam context through travel.


  • Dates June 15 - Dec 15, 2021
  • Eligibility Completed Undergraduation
  • Location Anaadi Foundation
    Near Palani, Tamil Nadu



  • ~ Systematic exposure to Yogic practices
  • ~ Exposure to Bharatiya Bhasha, Shastra and Samskaras: Samskritam, Ganitha, Ayurveda, Jyotisha (Astronomy), Vedanta, Niti and Dharma Shastra
  • ~ Opportunity to assist and co-teach in Dharma Gurukulam
  • ~ Exposure to various Gurukulam-centric pedagogical approaches
  • ~ Opportunity to co-design elements of Gurukulam curriculum
  • ~ Opportunity to integrate into Dharma Gurukulam post fellowship
  • ~ Exposure to Gurukulam models in India

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