Joy of Teaching

Teachers often find themselves playing multiple roles inside and outside the classroom. Each role demands a certain level of expertise and managing the complexities causes stress and tension for teachers. Especially new teachers face unique challenges when they have to juggle between the classroom and administrative activities.

The Joy of Teaching residential camp is mainly designed for teachers to experience the Joy involved in the teaching and learning process. This Joy, when experienced within oneself, can radiate and spread to the students that the teacher is involved with. Such an approach to teaching can transform the educational atmosphere, creating a happy and conducive platform for high quality learning to happen. The program will help teachers build a vision for teaching and understand their role in the larger context of the society and nation.

Teachers will gain exposure to the following:
  • Multidimensional role of a teacher and adapting to teaching
  • Insights from Educational Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience
  • 21st Century Teaching methods
  • Understanding student needs
  • Handling classes stress-free
  • Setting a vision for teaching
  • Inner Development

Program Content:

  • Talks on the Teaching-Learning process by field experts
  • Yogic Practices and Meditation
  • 21st Century Teaching methods
  • Group Activities to develop a vision for education
  • Self-Reflection based activities
  • Setting a vision for teaching
  • Role Plays simulating classroom environments

Upcoming JOT

23 May: Yuva Bharati

25-27 May: Joy of Teaching Camp

30 May PSG Schools

1 June: JOT @ Sholingur Vidyapeetam

Schools Impacted

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
SSVM World School
PSG Public Schools
Yuva Bharati
Srinivasa Vidyalaya Udumalai
PSGR Krishnammal
Sholingur Vidya Peetam
Amrita Vidyalayam
Sudarshan Vidya Vikas, Pudukkottai
Brilliant School
SKV Tiruchengodu

Colleges Impacted

SNS College of Engineering
Sri Ramakrishna Inst of Tech
Banasthali University
Avinashilingam University
Coimbatore Inst of Tech
Kumaraguru College of Tech