Joy of Teaching

Registrations are Open!

A Residential Camp for School Teachers

25-27 May, 2017

Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Contact: 9442304466/9487006160

JOT 2017: Teachers often find themselves playing multiple roles inside and outside the classroom. Each role demands a certain level of expertise and managing the complexities causes stress and tension for teachers. Especially new teachers face unique challenges when they have to juggle between the classroom and administrative activities.

The Joy of Teaching residential camp is mainly designed for teachers to experience the Joy involved in the teaching and learning process. This Joy, when experienced within oneself, can radiate and spread to the students that the teacher is involved with. Such an approach to teaching can transform the educational atmosphere, creating a happy and conducive platform for high quality learning to happen. The program will help teachers build a vision for teaching and understand their role in the larger context of the society and nation.

The camp will commence at 10.00 am on 25 May 2017 and conclude at 4.00 pm on 27 May 2017. .

Teachers will gain exposure to the following:

  • Multidimensional role of a teacher and adapting to teaching
  • Insights from Educational Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience
  • 21st Century Teaching methods
  • Understanding student needs
  • Handling classes stress-free
  • Setting a vision for teaching
  • Inner Development

Program Content:

  • Talks on the Teaching-Learning process by field experts
  • Yogic Practices and Meditation
  • 21st Century Teaching methods
  • Group Activities to develop a vision for education
  • Self-Reflection based activities
  • Setting a vision for teaching
  • Role Plays simulating classroom environments

Who can Attend?

  • School Teachers teaching Class 6 and above


The program will happen in Coimbatore. Venue details will be provided to registered participants


Local Transport will be arranged by Anaadi Foundation

Registration Fee and Contact

Registrations are open!.

Program Fee includes Accommodation, Food and bus transport to venue

Registration Fee

Rs. 700 per participant

Email the Participant list with Mobile numbers to

Anaadi Foundation
+919487006160 | +919442304466

Speakers and Resource Persons

Shri Adinarayanan is a visionary teacher who inspires the contemporary seeker by making the rich spiritual parampara of India relevant to them. The insights that he shares in his various programs come from personal realizations of the Upanishadic truths that emerged from more than 25 years of Yogic Practice, Swadhayaya of Indian spiritual literature and more than 100 days of Mouna Tapasya in complete silence and isolation. He has an MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University and spent more than a decade in academia teaching courses in Computer Science, Yoga and Mahabharata.

Smt Smrithi Adinarayanan inspires young people through a practical approach to life. Deeply interested in the cause of Education and having a decade of experience in academics and research, she has inspired several teachers and students through her insights on the teaching and learning process. As a yogic practitioner, technologist and story-teller, she blends these aspects to design transformative programs at Anaadi Foundation.

Recipient of the Gold Medal and Joshna Memorial Award 2015 for his Masters at Amrita University, Soorya is the CEO of EduSeva. He priorly worked with Amrita E-Learning Research Labs and Tata Consultancy Services - CTO Group.