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Big History with an Indian touch

Journey into the 14 billion year history of the universe and ourselves 

  • Connect personal life and history to universal evolution

  • Integrate knowledge from multiple subjects including astronomy, chemistry, biology, sociology 

  • Indian epics and knowledge systems

  • Seeing across multiple time scales from microscopic to cosmic

 This course will focus on the ancient Indian classic of Mahabharata and its relevance to modern day life. Mahabharata provides us with a powerful narrative exploring the complexities of life and a framework of Dharma (among other concepts) that helps resolve the apparent conflicts and contradictions of modern-day existence. With better understanding and insights we would become better equipped to face the challenges of life and be successful. With our success we impact the success of our immediate community, nation and the world at large. This course will be offered online, in English, with weekly lessons covering parva by parva of Vyasa Maharishi's Mahabharata. Anyone may register for this course for Free. There will be quizzes, assessments and discussion forum as a part of this course. 
This course is being offered privately .