Teaching and Learning

With the founders having rich experience in the academia, both on the research and teaching fronts, Education is a primary area of focus for Anaadi Foundation. The programs designed for teachers and students are based on principles of pedagogy, cognitive sciences and psychology.

Joy of Learning

Joy of Learning is a 3 hrs workshop offered in schools and colleges. Students face a lot of challenges in learning and assimilating knowledge. The challenges may be in the form of stress, distractions,restlessness and sometimes family and health problems add to these challenges. The Joy of Learning workshops are aimed at enhancing the aptitude and attitude of students towards learning. This workshop will be a transformational experience for students and will help them have a joyous and cheerful attitude towards learning. The workshop will be a blend of lecture, activities, fun and humor. Till now we have offered Joy of Learning to more than 5000 students

Joy of Teaching

Teachers often find themselves playing multiple roles inside and outside the classroom. Each role demands a certain level of expertise and managing the complexities causes stress and tension for teachers. Especially new teachers face unique challenges.

The Joy of Teaching workshop, designed for school and college teachers will offer insights into the teaching learning process and is designed to equip the teachers with the necessary attitude and aptitude to be happily successful at the multiple roles and their lives. The workshop will be a mix of lecture, activities, discussions and QA together with meditative practices.

The 1 Day Workshop includes:

  • Multidimensional role of a teacher and adapting to teaching
  • Insights from Educational Psychology, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience
  • 21st Century Teaching methods
  • Understanding students
  • Handling classes stress-free
  • Setting a vision for teaching
  • Breathing and Meditation practices for better energy and clarity

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Cognitive Science for Teaching and Learning

With the growing needs of students and the industry, there is a need for educational institutions and its teachers to constantly equip themselves to meet these demands. Being exposed to students for several years, academicians realise that each batch of students have different needs, capabilities and outlook towards education and each student is unique. Hence there is a need to understand the students better in order to enhance the teaching learning process. This workshop will be a unique offering as it will provide deep insights into how learners learn new concepts, retain them in memory and apply them in real life. The workshop will blend various Cognitive theories of Learning and psychology for improving the teaching learning process. The workshop will provide ample opportunities for teachers to discuss and share their insights on teaching and learning.