Yoga Programs

Soukya Yoga

Yoga is often thought to be a complex set of body-twisting practices that requires lot of time. Many people are unable to take up yogic practices due to unavailability of time or lack of sustained motivation or health and age related reasons. Soukya Yoga, the primer program, includes a set of simple asanas, pranayama practices and rejuvenating meditation mainly focused on helping the participants feel relaxed, calm and energized. These practices are designed to be suitable for people of all ages. Soukya Yoga is a 3 Day-2 Hours each day program. This program is offered in apartments, organisations and educational institutions.

Hatha Yoga

The Hatha Yoga sessions include advanced asanas and breathing practices. The practices will be taught on a case to case basis depending on the age, flexibility and health of the individuals. The practices are based on classical yoga texts and will have an impact on the entire body making it flexibile and agile. The pranayama practices will help in enhancing the energy flow in the body. A key focus of the Hatha Yoga practices is to bring about a union of the mind and body.

Dynamic Yoga

Children and college students like activities which are dynamic and make them feel energetic. They love practices that break lethargy.Dynamic Yoga sessions are power-packed 3 Hr sessions offered in school and colleges that will help students learn asanas that make them agile and energetic.

Mouna Tapasya

While thoughts, words and actions helps us to interact with the world, silence helps us turn inward. Just as we know others better by spending time with them, a direct means to know oneself is by spending sometime in quietness and silence. The Mouna Tapasya opportunity offered at Anaadi, assists participants in experiencing deep silence and peace within. By going deep within, one becomes stronger to face the challenges of the world. One gains more conviction and clarity in what he/she is doing. This also helps people connect to each other with happiness and joy.